Price List 2019

Winterization Labor Rates

  • Twin Engine: $150.00
  • Triple Engine App: $65.00
  • Water System: $40.00
  • Head System: $40.00 (per head)
  • Air Conditioner: $40.00 (per conditioner)
  • Generator: $40.00 (per unit)


Parts and Materials

  • Oil Filter: $13.75
  • Fuel Stabilizer: $10.50
  • Anti-freeze: $10.75
  • Fogging Oil: $3.99 (if needed)
  • Fuel-water Separator: $13.75
  • Generator Filter: $14.75
  • Waste Oil Disposal Fee: $3.50

** Sales Tax Additional and quantities used will vary based on size of your boat and services requested. Please call for estimates on parts and materials used for your specific boat.

Labor Includes

Draining blocks, manifolds, power steering, oil coolers, adding anti-freeze, fogging oil, adding fuel stabilizer, removing and replacing fuel water separator, checking water levels in all batteries, shuts down all battery systems, leaving battery charger on, and securing your boat for winter.

Rates listed here are labor only. Please see prices listed for other rates and charges.

Additional Services to Consider

  • Engine Oil Change (recommended now and required at 100 HRS or annually): $75.00-85.00 per motor
  • Service Outdrives (also recommended now and required at 100 HRS or annually): $85.00 per motor

Other Charges

  • Service Call- Our Dock To Your Dock: $45.00

*All winterizations at your dock will be charged a service fee